Open Culture Framework

Open Culture Framework


The Open Culture Framework helps Founders and People Leaders elevate organisational transparency internally and externally and acts as a primer for Open Org accreditation.


Welcome to The Open Culture Framework.

💡 This framework will help you understand different ways in which you can healthily elevate organisational transparency and better document & share key trust-building information with both applicants & employees. Remember: communication improves alignment; which in turn fuels performance, engagement, retention… all the things you strive for as a leader. You’re one step closer to not only making the idea of transparency feel safer, and more tangible, but also closer to being able to assess and understand your current ‘state of transparency’ as a business.

After that, you can also use this framework as a roadmap to work on your future state of transparency. Everything we do at Open Org anchors back to the Open Culture Framework, and you have a few options in front of you now with regards to how you utilise this framework…

Many folks will use this as the basis for their journey towards their Open Org accreditation (see below). This framework will help you assess what your starting point is against our entry threshold of 160pts. Some will work on this on a self-serve basis and come to us when they have met or exceeded that total to get verified and added to our global directory of Open Orgs. Others will work with us more proactively to help them accelerate that journey. Both options are available to you.

Why Accreditation?

This isn’t a fluffy PR exercise to help attract talent. This signals to your employees, and applicants that you have done the hard work as a business to understand, define, and set your own high standards for what communication, trust and transparency look like in your business, and that you are treading a future path of being held accountable to maintaining or improving that, supported by us. This is the ultimate trust-builder; without some form of accountability, trust can be easily lost and erode over time.

👉 If accreditation is something you’d like to work towards, let us know via this 30sec form, we’ll share access to a dashboard with you that enables you to track and manage your progress over time. 2️⃣ For folks who can’t work towards accreditation but still want to drive change in their business, this framework can still help you understand where your current state of transparency is; where you’re open, where you’re not, and what ‘more open’ looks like in a particular area.

👉 Those who want to get more hands-on help, support will often join one of our Cohorts 🔥 or Bootcamps 🏕️. These help you drive change with access to more resources, support from us, and also gives you access to our Slack community of progressive people pioneers who are all treading this path together.

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