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You don’t have to go it alone. Now, People & Culture builders can access the peers, resources, events & sounding board you’ve always needed. Design & deliver the transparent culture your people want with an entire community network in your corner.

$25 / £20pm | Rolling Monthly | Cancel Anytime
Capped Community | 187 Member Spaces Remaining
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Open Org Community Round table


Lone, But Never Alone

Our intimate & highly-collaborative community of People + Culture pioneers embrace a #LearnInPublic mindset; giving time generously to stretched & under-resourced peers connected by a common belief; transparency is good for business.

Deep connections aside, access private monthly roundtables, events, speakers and exclusive content & support for you & your business. Previous speakers include the likes of Jessica Zwaan, Thomas Forstner & JooBee Yeow among others! 🔥


Design & Build Together  

Every few months our members come together remotely to co-create brand new, open-source resources to design, build & share with the world.

If creating alongside other progressive peers is your jam, check out our latest build; 'The Open People Manager Handbook' from our Q2 '24 Hackathon.

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A Culture Design Partner, In Your Pocket

Async & Ad-hoc access to our Founders Adam & John; 25+ years combined experience building companies as founders from 0-100 employees, and designing & delivering culture change for others too (10-100k employees).

We're here for you, in your career corner, for whatever you need. Ever present on Slack, or available to dive deeper over a virtual soundboard session. We've got you.  

Apply todayIf you want to get...

👉 Monthly roundtables; A safe space to share & solve with peers
👉 Monthly guest speakers to inspire your transparency journey
👉 Template & playbook library to help you action tangible culture change
👉 A community of like-minded peers who give back generously
👉 Member discounts (including 15% off 'Doing Culture Right' Playbooks)
👉 Instant help, advice and feedback on HR, people & hiring initiatives
👉 15% discount on Open Org services, programmes and company membership
👉 'Live' Community Co-Creation Events, #BuildInPublic style!
👉 A renewed mindset and approach to PeopleOps, PX and CX
👉 Open Org Membership & Open Culture Advocate LinkedIn badge
👉 Adam and John, Founders of Open Org in your career corner, forever.   
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Wall of Love

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Is Open Org Membershipright for you?

We're here to help field any questions.


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Individual Membership

Where progressive People & Talent folks learn, connect, get help and lift each other up in the pursuit of building a more open, transparent world of work

What's included:
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An intimate private community of like-minded peers who care deeply about transparency.
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Unreal guest speakers to inspire your People & transparency journey every month.
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Monthly roundtables; safe space to share, solve & ideate with like-minded peers
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Help and feedback on your people & hiring initiatives.
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'Live' Community Co-Creation Event where we #buildinpublic every quarter
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15% discount on Open Org services, cohorts, bootcamps and
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Member discounts; including 15% off 'Doing Culture Right' Playbooks
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Template and playbook library to help you action tangible, practical change
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Open Culture Advocate LinkedIn Badge as an Open Org member
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A fresh, progressive approach; think differently about PeopleOps, PX and CX
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Access to some of the most progressive mind's & transparency pioneers globally
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Adam and John in your career corner, forever.  
$25 / £20 per month
Note: In most cases we can set up subscription under your local currency

Rolling monthly, Includes 20% Tax (VAT).


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Do I have to be in work? 

No the Open Org community is open to anyone in the In-House People & Talent world regardless of personal working circumstances.

Why is it a paid community? 

We've all been part of free communities that become so noisy, and irrelevant that you disengage. We want to keep this intentionally intimate and highly engaged. Additionally, we put a lot of effort into operations, paid speakers & events so this helps to ensure we can keep that bar high.

Can i pay annually instead of monthly? 

Yes. Some people do this is they are utilising L&D budget. Please contact Adam and John at and we'll set this up for you.

What timezones are roundtables, firesides and other events?

We tend to run most sessions between 2pm and 4pm GMT to enable as many folks from different timezones to attend as possible.

What are the guiding values of the Open Org Community

Open Org currently lives by 3 core guiding values in our community:

#Give Back Generously
#Be Excellent To One Another
#Learn In Public.

Can I pay for this with my L&D budget?

Absolutely! Many of our community members use their Learning & Development budget to cover the cost.