The Open People Manager Handbook

The Open People Manager Handbook


Discover the Open People Manager Handbook created during Open Org's Q1-Q2 Hackathon 2024. Designed for startup people and culture leaders to support their people managers, this notion handbook offers 50+ curated tools, 11 detailed sections, and actionable guides to enhance people management skills and support critical culture moments.


🌱 Why We Built This

This handbook was built by members of the Open Org Community during our Q1-Q2 #BuildInPublic Hackathon (2024) and was inspired by the following community ask from our member slack community:

So, Managers in my company are first-time Managers: the good news is we have no turnover at the moment and people are apparently very happy (but managers don't know why: in italian we say "the luck of the beginner"). However, I am looking at some external trainings for them to be able to lead effectively and we are also considering to assign a coach. Besides, I would like to introduce some programs/best practices, a kind of "Managers Academy", that encompasses all the things a good people manager should know/do (also for Managers who will join the company in the future).

– Fede

🙏 Special thanks to those who contributed

🖤 Alaina Lynch, Alicja Wilemajtis, Andrew Shortland, Ashley Spicer, Brendan Yorke, Cansu Kürklü, Carla Silvey, Christina Demetre, Claire Lowry-Hubball, Deb Haas, Ella Smith-Dunn, Federica Pizzolla, Hortensia Espíritu Fontes, Ilknur Tas Ergul, Ilze Walton, Jill Harrington, Kelli Herrick, Kelly Mahoney, Lynn Feldman, Maddi Dick, Maria Patiño Pérez, Michelle Davies, Mila, Mila Budeva, Najla Barance, Nertila Bardhi, Paulova Arteaga, Rachel Gordon, Reem M M Osman, Rija Akbar, Sesame Baker, Shilpa Mudiganti, Stuti Mainali, Vanessa Henning

👪 Who is this for?

People Managers at startups who want to improve their people management skills and People & Culture Leaders who want to support their people manager community of practice.

🎯 Target outcomes

Provide startup people managers with:

  • A framework for self-assessing their own management style and getting the tools and resources they need to be highly effective in role;
  • A structure for figuring out what their startup might need to get aligned on when it comes to people management;
  • A set of valuable resources and actionable guides to support critical culture moments.

👪 What's in the box

📚 50+ Curated Resources

📖 11 x Detailed Handbook Sections

Open People Manager Handbook Sections

🙏 How Do I Contribute To This?

We want to keep adding to this handbook, and will continue to review and add to it as a member community at Open Org (If you want to be part of that check it out here.) But if you have suggestions for improvements, additions, changes or want to contribute any new resources, please feel free to email Adam & John at and we will update!

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