Embracing Transparency and Innovation: 10 Outstanding Open Organisations

Embracing Transparency and Innovation: 10 Outstanding Open Organisations

Let's explore 10 remarkably open organisations pioneering the transparency-first movement.

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November 3, 2023


In this blog post, we will explore 10 remarkable organisations that have distinguished themselves through their commitment to transparency. These organisations have set a new standard by openly sharing information about their operations, culture, and values. By embracing transparency, they foster trust, attract top talent, and create a positive work environment. Let's dive into their stories and discover what makes them stand out.

GitLab: The Undisputed Transparency Leader

GitLab takes the lead in transparency, going above and beyond to provide insights into their business. Notably, they upload their team meetings to a public YouTube channel, allowing anyone to access valuable information about their organisation. Explore career opportunities at GitLab Careers.

Remote: Championing Openness and Candidate Experience

Remote secures a prominent position for its dedication to transparency. In addition to sharing internal processes, they stand out by publicly disclosing detailed candidate experience survey responses on their handbook. This exceptional practice gives prospective employees a comprehensive understanding of the organisation's values and culture. Explore career opportunities at Remote Careers.

Accurx: Transparent Hiring and DEIB Initiatives

Accurx demonstrates a strong commitment to transparency by breaking down their hiring process by function and team. Moreover, they showcase remarkable levels of transparency in their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) efforts and demographics, fostering a culture of openness. Explore career opportunities at Accurx Careers.

Whereby: Culture, Pay, and Progression Frameworks

Whereby, renowned for its exceptional organisational culture, aligns its transparency practices accordingly. Notably, they openly share highly detailed pay and progression frameworks through their handbook, providing employees and candidates with clear expectations and growth opportunities. Explore career opportunities at Whereby Careers.

Runa (Previously WeGift): Diversity Advocates and Honest Communication

Runa shines as an organisation that champions diversity and culture. Their dedication to transparency extends to the point where they openly communicate reasons why candidates may not be the right fit for a role. This level of honesty and openness sets them apart. Explore career opportunities at Runa Careers.

HubSpot: Maintaining Transparency Through Growth

HubSpot, a household name for many, impressively maintains transparency as the organisation expands. They stand out by providing detailed reports and breakdowns of their diversity initiatives, showcasing their commitment to fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) in the workplace. Explore career opportunities at HubSpot Careers.

Ashby: Transparent Approach from the Start

Ashby, a young and promising organisation, places a strong emphasis on transparency in their operations. Their job descriptions, particularly within the engineering department, offer an unprecedented level of detail, providing candidates with an authentic glimpse into the team and its work. Explore career opportunities at Ashby Careers.

CharlieHR: Empowering Workplace Transparency

CharlieHR is a well-known name in the People world, celebrated for its commitment to transparency. They embrace salary transparency and adhere to a 'non-negotiation' philosophy, promoting fairness and openness within their organisation. Explore career opportunities at CharlieHR Careers.

Learnerbly: Public Sharing of Career Development and Pay Practices

Learnerbly, a renowned name in the People world within the UK, garners recognition for publicly sharing their comprehensive career development framework. Additionally, they transparently explain how they calculate pay globally, reinforcing their commitment to openness. Explore career opportunities at Learnerbly Careers.

Juro: Award-Winning Culture and Transparent Operations

Juro, an exceptional organisation, has earned numerous awards for its outstanding culture and transparent approach to building a business. They have developed an incredible Handbook and demonstrate transparency across various areas, including diversity, culture, and flexibility. Explore career opportunities at Juro Careers.


These 10 organisations have emerged as pioneers in embracing transparency within their respective ecosystems. By openly sharing information about their operations, culture, and values, they inspire others to prioritize transparency and innovation. Through their dedication to openness, these organisations set an example for building trust, attracting top talent, and fostering a positive work environment.

To explore career opportunities with these organisations, check out their respective careers pages as linked above or if you'd like to discover more about becoming an Open Org. Check out our accreditation options here.

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