The Open Culture Journey Map

The Open Culture Journey Map


Welcome to the Open Culture journey map! This free Miro template provides you with a guided journey along with open-source tools and tips to help you create an Open Culture that will attract and retain the best people for your organisation. This is ideal for progressive People & Talent folks working in startups and scale-ups looking to build open culture but not sure where to start or what the journey looks like.


Over the last 3+ months we’ve spoken to 100+ People & Talent folks and 3 thing keeps coming up:

1. “Where the heck do i start with building an Open Culture!?”

2. “How do i make ‘culture’ tangible?”

3. “Where can I build more trust internally”?

If that feels familiar….read on, we got you!

Thought it’d be fun to create a guided journey as: 🚀 A Miro template to share the pattern some of our early adopters are pioneering as a map and compass to inspire others creating Open Culture.

So, hiking boots on! Here’s how to climb transparency mountain aka build an Open Culture.

1. Get clear on your business trigger for transparency

Use data to tell a story and create a compelling case for change.

Here’s how:

👉 Understand your current state [transparency diagnostic]

👉 Playback to leadership team

👉 Use internal people metrics and external data points to tell a story and make the case for change [transparency business case template]

2. Prioritise, roadmap & get your quick wins in

Wholesale radical transparency isn’t the goal for everyone. Understanding what elements of transparency can help you boost TA, employer brand and retention IS.

👉 Understand and agree on what transparency means for your business

👉 Create your roadmap and prioritise.

👉 Identify quick wins

👉 Build - Measure - Learn + Repeat

👉 Celebrate successes

3. Focus on internal trust first

Your v1 internal changes should be the quick wins, what do your internal people metrics tell you? Where are the quick wins? They can ladder up nicely into a high utility internal deliverable: your employee handbook.

👉 Writing your culture down is a great first step here to set expectations, build trust and alignment.

👉 Publish v1 of your internal employee handbook

👉 Feedback and iterate leveraging 3 C's principles (co-create, collaborate, celebrate).

4. Build your employer brand on a foundation of trust and authenticityTime to go deeper…

👉 Publish your public employee handbook

👉 Share your data, especially if it’s not where you want to be...

👉 Refine your careers site to incorporate your data and philosophy on growth, diversity, leadership and more

👉 Re-design your job ads

All links and free tools/templates are included in the Miro template. Enojoy!

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