Operational Excellence Audit

Operational Excellence Audit


Operational Excellence Audit for People Leaders to diagnose 'culture' in a language that resonates with commercially-minded stakeholders.


🔧 What’s this?

Culture is often dismissed as intangible. Stakeholders either hate the word, don’t understand it or haven’t got a joined up way to make it tangible.

I’ve found Operational Excellence to be a useful commercial frame to help bridge this gap and to make culture tangible. This is imo step 1 of ‘managing culture like a product’. I developed this high level audit whilst working as a fractional COO with a People lens for startups and scale-ups to get a sense of where the opportunities are, what’s thought about and what’s not.

I hope it’s useful to you.

👤 Who for?

Best for 100 employee + but also found useful 25-100, 100-300 and 300-1k.

⏱️ When to use

Works best when coming from a vertical People/Ops role and moving into a more horizontal one or if you are starting a new gig and you want to have a framework for collecting insights gathered during first 4 weeks after you’ve spoken to key stakeholders from each function. 

🧩 Areas:

📍 Business Strategy and Planning
🌱 Leadership and Management
💸 Financials
🎢 Marketing and Growth
⚙️ Operations and Product
🧬 Behaviours
🖐️ Hiring, Firing and Making Change Happen
🎯 Goal Setting
💔 Conflict Management
📣 Communication
🪞 Feedback
✏️ Knowledge Management
📶 Organisational Design / Team Structure
💷 Compensation and Performance
🎉 Celebrating Success

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