Open Job Ad

Open Job Ad


The ultimate Open Job Ad curated from 25+ companies who do hiring transparency extremely well.


💡 We wanted to create the ultimate Open Job Ad where applicants could really get a sense for who they were applying to.

We spent several months trying to find the perfect one. We studied 1000+ and ultimately failed. Whilst doing so however we found a bunch of companies who did many sections extremely well - (h/t Sourcegraph,, Buffer, Gitlab and Posthog) so decided that rather than trying to find the perfect one we’d curate the best bits into a single unified template for People and Talent Leaders like you to use as inspiration to:

"Attract and repel the right talent."

- Give and Get, Charlotte Marshall and Bryan Adams

Hope it’s useful to you - take it make it your own

Love, the Open Org team ❤

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