The Open Culture Cohort
For People & Talent Leaders

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The 8-week cohort designed to help you improve engagement, communication and clarity at work. Join 8-10 other People Leaders and build a high-performance culture by elevating trust and alignment both in and outside of your org

Applications now open for OOC#4&5 (May '24)
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OOC cohort

Why improve clarity & communication at work?


Desire for transparency

According to a report by Slack, 87% of employees want more transparency from their employers (Slack).


Greater engagement

Transparent organisations report 76% higher levels of employee engagement (HBR).


More profitable

Organisations with a high degree of transparency report profit margins that are 21% higher than average (Gallup).

How the cohort works

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Engage in 1-2 hours of weekly live sessions, scheduled around lunchtime slots to fit around your work. Access recorded sessions anytime for calls you can't make and enjoy the flexibility of 1:1 coaching and workshops at your convenience, whilst diving asynchronously into a wealth of resources on our Notion hub (The Open OS) and community discussions in our private Slack space, all at your own pace.

Here's an example of a typical Cohort schedule...

How this benefits your organisation

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Employer Brand Playbook

Crafted 1:1 with you, we help you to re-think your career site & job adverts and elevate trust in your employer brand.

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Handbook Playbook

Created 1:1 with you, we deep dive on your employee handbook or help you prototype a new one from scratch.

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'Doing Culture Right' Playbooks

Free copy of 'Doing Culture Right'; 10x Playbooks to help you navigate everything from feedback, conflict, communication and more (Usually £199 +VAT)

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Project Support

'Bring Your Own' style coaching to support & accelerate top of mind people projects & initiatives.

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Culture Health Check

Thorough diagnosis of your culture's current state of health, leveraging The Open Culture Framework as your guide.

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Ongoing Coaching

8-Week Cohorts include 12-month access to The Open Org Community for peer to peer support when you need (Usually £240 p/a)

Apply to an OCC cohort todayIf you want to gain...

💥 Intimate knowledge of a framework that drives measurable improvement to trust
💥 Access to a resource library of best-in-class examples to inspire your own roadmap
💥 A passionate, incredibly supportive community of progressive people people.
💥 Support on your journey towards pay transparency
💥 A rewired mindset & approach to building high-trust culture & employer brand
💥 Understanding & know-how to harness transparency appropriately for your org
💥 Diagnostics and playbooks to action tangible, practical change immediately

Wall of Love

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Is Open Orgright for you?

We're here to help field any questions.


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The Open Culture Cohort

The 8 week cohort experience for People & Talent leaders who want to deliver change.

What's included:
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An 8-Week remote cohort designed to fit around your busy schedule and deliver business value at the same time.
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Asynchronous learning, training-lite and an execution-focused program of work.
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Solve real problems around engagement, clarity & trust within your business.
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Year 1 access to the Open Org Community and The Open OS: A curated hub of 300+ resources, playbooks & case studies.
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Access to, and deep understanding of The Open Culture Framework
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£25k in HR tool and partner discounts for your business
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Firesides with world-class experts and weekly roundtables
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Personal 121 coaching and project planning sessions with Adam & John the founders of Open Org
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4 x bookable workshops with Adam & John to transform your careers site, job ads, 1-3 policies and employee handbook.
+ 20% Tax (VAT).

Places are secured following a 20% deposit, with the remainder payable in up to 3 instalments prior to the cohort beginning if you are funding personally


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I just want to focus on company accreditation, where do I start?

If you and your business are ready to pursue Open Org accreditation then a good first step is to complete the mini-assessment to understand your eligibility. For more information on company accreditation check out how it works here.

How much time commitment is there?

Open Org Cohorts are a buffet of content with 1-2 hours per week for synchronous coaching, masterclasses and other cohort events. How much you invest beyond that is up to you, but we stress that this really forms part of your onboarding to our community long term, so don't put pressure on yourself to deliver lots during the cohort- we know what life is like as a busy people leader

What are some of the key takeaways I can expect?

Expert-Led Learning: Benefit from workshops, roundtables, and fireside chats that provide targeted coaching in 35 areas of organisational transparency.

Valuable Networking: Engage in 1:1 sessions with other progressive People and Talent Leaders and gain access to an exclusive, small and mighty Slack community.

Practical Resources: Receive curated transparency templates, playbooks, and frameworks to implement actionable changes, and take away 3x bespoke playbooks crafted for your business to help you transform things like career site, job ads, people policies.

Accreditation and Community: Earn lifetime accreditation as an 'Open People/Talent Leader' and enjoy first-year free access to the Open Org community and partner network.

Additional Perks: Take advantage of partner discounts in HR & Talent Tech and opportunities for continuous professional development.

Do I need to be employed to participate?

Yes. To make the most of the workshops and content you ideally need to be employed. There can be exceptions in some circumstances though.
Can i pay in instalments? 

Yes. If you are funding personally. We take a 20% deposit to secure spot ($320 / £250) with remainder payable in up to 3 installments pre-cohort.

What timezones are Open Org Cohorts?

We currently run 100% remote cohorts across two time zones: +/- 4 hours GMT and +/- 4 hours EST.

Because these are smaller groups and more-hands on sessions we have to stick rigidly to these for the time being.

What are the guiding values of the Open Org Community

Open Org currently lives by 3 core guiding values in our community:

#Give Back Generously
#Be Excellent To One Another
#Learn In Public.

Can I pay for this with my L&D budget?

Absolutely! Many of our cohort members use their Learning & Development budget to cover the cost of part or all of our 8-week cohort. Our program is designed to provide valuable skills, networking, and accreditation that align well with typical L&D objectives.

Ready to go?Apply for OCC today

We respond to all applications personally within 48 hours, usually much sooner