The Open Org Manifesto

The Open Org Manifesto

Open Orgs are companies that lead with transparency and a culture of openness, accountability, and continuous improvement.

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January 23, 2024

The Open Org Manifesto

The future of work is transparent. Are you ready?

We live in a world where companies preach to candidates and employees about bringing "your whole self to work," yet present a doctored version of themselves when advertising and maintaining their employer brand. This hypocrisy erodes trust and undermines hiring, growth, and retention.

What we stand for

Open Compensation, Open Culture, Open Benefits, Open Career Development

Open Orgs are companies that lead with transparency and a culture of openness, accountability, and continuous improvement. We operate by:

  • Providing detailed information, above and beyond the norm on company culture, job responsibilities, and salary ranges to candidates, even before applying for a position.
  • Offering transparent communication channels and feedback mechanisms to employees, such as open-door policies, regular check-ins, and anonymous surveys.
  • Sharing how we build culture, the fails, the wins, the learns.
  • Giving back to the community

By providing clarity and transparency around how we attract, hire, retain, and develop our talent, Open Orgs build trust with candidates and employees alike. We’re constantly curious about how we can be more transparent and pioneer new ways to advertise ourselves with integrity and authenticity, setting a new standard in our industries.

Open Orgs are committed to enacting change within our industries and peer groups, always upholding the high standards we set ourselves when it comes to transparency. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo and stand out from the crowd as early adopters of a transparency-first approach to company-building.

From CEOs to interns, everyone in an Open Org is aligned on how work gets done, reflecting our commitment to transparency as a cornerstone of our employer brand and culture. By embodying a culture of openness and accountability, Open Orgs create happier, more engaged employees and stronger, more sustainable businesses.

The 5 Benefits of Being an Open Org

  1. Improved employer branding and better trust with potential hires, resulting in a more relevant talent pipeline.
  2. Fewer, but more relevant job applications, lead to improved retention rates, a happier talent team, and a better candidate experience.
  3. Better retention rates and culture fit for new hires, leading to reduced costs for backfilling roles.
  4. A culture of openness, accountability, and continuous improvement, results in happier, more engaged employees and a stronger, more sustainable business.
  5. A competitive advantage in the marketplace as an early adopter of a transparency-first approach, setting a new standard for the industry.

Our Collective Responsibility:

Community and building in public.

The Open Org Movement is about creating a cultural shift towards transparency in the workplace. As members of this movement, we all have a collective responsibility to educate and collaborate with other Open Orgs, building culture and sharing wins and learns in public. Through transparency, we can pioneer new ways of working and thinking to create the businesses of tomorrow.

Join us in creating a world of work that’s open.

Are you in?

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