10 x Remote Work Culture Resources for Startup Heads of People

These 10 resources help startup Heads of People get intentional about your remote culture design.

10 x Remote Work Culture Resources for Startup Heads of People
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July 5, 2024


Creating a positive impact on how work gets done is one of the most powerful levers you have as a Head of People & Culture. It’s how you turn your execution into a competitive advantage. Any founder who doesn’t get behind this idea is setting their startup up for failure.

Designing and aligning remote culture means being intentional about your ways of working. It’s not just about not having a physical HQ; it’s about treating remote work as a key part of your operating model and organisational design.

We nerd out on this a lot at Open Org :) So thought I'd share our 10 favourite resources to help you out:

1. Remote's Handbook on Communication

Remote’s handbook on communication is a must-read. It offers practical advice on effective remote communication strategies. Thanks to Sam Ross for bringing this gem to light. Check it out here.

2. Practical Insights On Building Transparency in Remote Companies

Siobhan McKeown at Human Made shares awesome insights on building transparency within remote teams. Perfect for startups looking to be open and honest. Read it here.

3. Unleashed's Remote Onboarding Guide

Luke O'Mahoney shared this fantastic guide on remote onboarding. It’s a must-read for seamlessly bringing new hires on board. Discover it here.

4. Equal Experts' Remote Working Playbook

This playbook covers everything from tools to communication, tailored for startups. It’s comprehensive and super helpful. Explore it here.

5. LifeLabs Learning's Free Playbook

LifeLabs Learning offers a free playbook with essential info for managers on remote management. Great to share with your leadership team. Download it here.

6. Guide to Asynchronous and Remote Working

Iwo Szapar’s guide is a must for understanding asynchronous and remote work. Every People Ops person should check this out. Read it here.

7. Checkly's Employee Self-Care Guidance

Checkly’s handbook page which we featured in our free Employee Handbook Template provides tips for employees on self-care while working remotely. Self-care is crucial in fast-paced startup life. View it here.

8. Remote's Handbook on Documentation

Another great resource from Remote, focusing on documentation – a critical piece for remote startups. Read more here.

9. Zapier's Ultimate Remote Work Guide

Zapier has been rocking remote work since 2011. Their ultimate guide is packed with insights for building a stellar remote team. Access it here.

10. Checkly's Guide to Asynchronous Working

Checkly’s guide on making asynchronous work effective is a must-read. Learn more here.

Bonus Resource: Open Org's Open Source Resources

openorg.fyi open source resource library

Transparency is key for remote work success. Open Org’s resources page is full of templates, guides, and policies to help your startup be open and transparent. Check it out here.

Wrapping Up

For startup Heads of People and Culture, the move to remote work is an exciting challenge. These resources will help you get intentional about your remote culture design and help you to build a resilient, engaged, and high-performing distributed team.

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