10 Essential Tools and Resources for Startup People & Culture Leaders on a Tight Budget

By leveraging these resources, standalone People & Culture leaders execute faster.

10 Essential Tools and Resources for Startup People & Culture Leaders on a Tight Budget
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July 5, 2024


Being a standalone People and Culture Leader often means working with limited resources and tight budgets. However, there are plenty of high-quality, free or affordable tools and resources available to help you execute. Here are ten essential tools and resources that can significantly enhance your ability to nail your People strategy without breaking the bank.

1. Sapienx's PX-as-a-Product Newsletter

Luke O'Mahoney at Sapienx has open-sourced his back catalogue of PX-as-a-Product newsletters. This treasure trove of advice covers various aspects of people experience, offering valuable insights and practical tips.

🔗 SapienX Newsletters

2. L&D Shakers’ 50 Resources for Up-skilling Teams

L&D SHAKERS recently shared an incredible post listing 50 resources for up-skilling teams. This comprehensive list can help you find the best tools and materials to enhance your team's skills.

🔗 L&D Shakers’ Up-skilling Resources

3. Remote’s Free Async Working Masterclass

Job van der Voort, CEO at Remote, has created and released a free masterclass on asynchronous working. This resource is highly recommended for you and your teams to improve remote work efficiency.

🔗 Remote’s Async Working Masterclass

4. Bene Bono’s Open-Source Manager Guide

Bene Bono offers a fantastic open-source manager guide, perfect for anyone looking to develop similar resources within their organization.

🔗 Bene Bono’s Manager Guide

5. Justly’s Compensation and Pay Transparency Templates

If you're working on compensation or pay transparency, Alistair Fraser at Justly has a great library of templates that can be immensely useful.

🔗 Justly’s Template Library

6. ChartHop’s Free-Tier Platform

ChartHop provides a free tier on their platform for small companies to manage their organisational charts. They’ve also launched an HRIS, making it an excellent tool for HR leaders.

🔗 ChartHop Platform

7. Progression.fyi’s Public Career Development Frameworks

Progression.fyi is a must-have bookmark for examples of public career development frameworks. This tool can help you build your own career development plans.

🔗 Progression.fyi

8. Kinfolk’s People Experience and Employee Journey Tools

Kinfolk is in beta and building innovative tools in the people experience and employee journey space. Contact Jeet Mukerji to get involved in their beta program.

🔗 Kinfolk

9. UJJI AI for L&D

UJJI AI offers affordable learning and development options for your team. Reach out to Rafael Guper if you’re not already connected.


10. Harriet for Small People Teams

Harriet looks like an incredible tool for small people teams. It can take on heavy lifting tasks from your day-to-day operations and is very affordable.

🔗 Harriet

Bonus Resources

Open Org’s Open Resource Library

At Open Org, we provide an Open Resource Library packed with templates, frameworks, and resources for people teams.

🔗 Open Org Resource Library

Open Org's Community For Transparent Culture Builders

Surround yourself with other progressive People & Talent Leaders and get access to intimate roundtables, fire-sides and build in public events each month as well as a 500 member capped micro-Slack to get help on all things related to People & Culture.

🔗 Open Org Community


Peoplemetrics.fyi offers a way to benchmark your key people and talent metrics and track your quarterly trend against the market. This tool is built specifically for startups from Seed to Series C, and there’s a significant year 1 discount available.

🔗 Peoplemetrics.fyi

Wrapping Things Up

The resources listed above offer valuable support, from career development frameworks to compensation templates and learning tools. Explore these options to enhance your People strategy and support your team without stretching your budget.

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